Department of Applied Political Science and Public Relations celebrates 20th anniversary – Kazan Federal University


An accompanying expo opened in the foyer of the History Museum.

The ceremony was visited by Vice-Rector for Youth Policy and Moral Education Arif Mezhvedilov, Dean of the Higher School of Journalism Leonid Tolchinsky, Deputy Chairwoman of the United Russia caucus in the State Council of Tatarstan Rimma Ratnikova, Member of the Social Chamber of Tatarstan Anastasia Isaeva, and employees of the Department of APS and PR.

“Our department currently is a home to over a thousand students. They are our pride. Dear students, please make friends here because friendship is the key to everything,” said Vice-Rector Mezhvedilov.

The expo includes items from the last 20 years – textbooks, monographs, conference theses, photos, and other memorabilia.

“Our department was one of the first in the Russian higher education system to train public relations specialists. Over two decades, more than two thousand graduates have received their diplomas. Many of them have been recognized and have become well-known in the professional community. We strive to maintain and strengthen our ties with them: we invite them to participate as speakers in our large-scale forum Russian PR Week, to evaluate students’ competitive works. Among them there are those who start their way of teaching at the department. Thus, the teaching staff is annually replenished by our best graduates,” noted department chair Galina Morozova.

Currently, the Department comprises 2 professors, 20 associate professors, 15 senior lecturers, and 8 assistant lecturers.

“We started from scratch and didn’t have any curricula or textbooks. I want to thank my colleagues for the colossal effort they have made in the past twenty years. Now we have textbooks, even in not that many, but we have produced them. Twenty years is a whole generation, but for science it’s just a minute,” added Dr Morozova.


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