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KFU’s Media Center continues its tradition of interviewing new admittees.

The youngest freshwoman is Karina Maksimova, a political science student – she is 16 years old. As she shares, she was admitted to elementary school at the age of five, “I had all the necessary skills to be a first-grader, so the parentss decided that would a good opportunity to become a qualified professional before all my peers.”

Maksimova says about her decision to enroll in KFU, “Having read about the staff and the educational process on the website, I understood that I can acquire the necessary expertise at this university. It is also highly ranked in various ranking systems.”

56-year-old Rustem Siraziev decided to advance his professional knowledge by choosing a master’s course in psychotherapy.

“I’ve been working as a clinical psychologist for 20 years. I have a degree in medicine. But I want to obtain a certificate in psychotherapy as well. It will be an honor to be among the KFU graduates,” he notes.

Siraziev is not in any way concerned by his considerable age gap with classmates, “I am used to working with people. I am definitely not bashful to be sitting at the desk with younger people.”


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