New online programme of St Petersburg University to teach how to use information technology in legal practice



What legal norms and standards must be adhered to in the development of artificial intelligence systems? How can one acquire the skills to automatically extract the required information from documents and specialised services? These inquiries, among others, will be addressed in new online courses provided by St Petersburg University.

LegalTech is a concept that aims to incorporate contemporary technologies into legal practice, enabling the optimisation of work processes, and fostering speed, accuracy, and convenience.

The “LegalTech” specialisation programme comprises three online courses: “Introduction to LegalTech”, “Automation in Jurisprudence: Analysis of Practices” and “Tools for Creating LegalTech Solutions”. Each course covers specific aspects of LegalTech, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the application of technology in legal practice.

These courses are valuable for professionals from various backgrounds. Programmers and engineers will become familiar with the intricacies of legal work and explore opportunities for automation. Lawyers will gain insight into the potential of information technology and acquire proficiency in popular programming tools. Aspiring entrepreneurs will gain knowledge about LegalTech as a start-up domain.

All three courses, whether taken individually or as part of the specialisation, are currently available on the OpenEdu platform.


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