PhD student Lilia Zaripova to use Student Startup grant to open pottery studio – Kazan Federal University


The studio’s tentative title in Tatar is Tylsym (Magic).

“The project aims to produce various decorative items, Tatar ethnic souvenirs, and pottery classes for kids and adults. The studio will also organize classes for Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication students majoring in arts,” comments Zaripova.

The initiative is supervised by Gulnaz Akhmetshina, Associate Professor of the Department of Tatar Studies and Culture Stuides and pottery expert. Other KFU academics and invited teachers will also be employed at the studio.

“The grant will be disbursed for pottery equipment and consumables. We also plan to use some for advertising, web design, and pottery courses,” adds Zaripova.

The grant is allocated for one year, and the studio plans to break even during this timeframe. Among the planned clients are the Ministry of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan, KFU, Tatarstan Media PJSC, House of People’s Friendship, and private entities.

“We’ll create original collections with new tech in pottery. We also plan to produce various ceramics, such as wall panels, vases, plates, mugs, candlesticks, etc.,” explains the grant winners.

First pottery classes for KFU students are scheduled for this coming November. The studio will have been fully furbished by then.


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