Rector Lenar Safin inspects KFU’s White Sea training and internship base – Kazan Federal University


It was part of the Rector’s long-term inspection and overview plan.

The first stop was at the White Sea Research and Education Station, located at the Sredny Island, Keret Archpelago, Kandalaksha Bay. The base is just 10 km from the Arctic Circle. The facility can house 25 people, and it usually admits about 50 students and employees during the field season. Among the practice sessions held here are those in morphology, ecology of invertebrates, botany, hydrobiology, and other related disciplines.

Freshmen also visit Russian Academy of Sciences’ Zoological Station, which is located nearby. They can get acquainted with experienced academics and tour the Academy’s labs.

The Rector noted that such stations are indispensable for the educational process and emphasized that they should be further developed. The White Sea base, in particular, needs significant renovation and expansion. Dr Safin ordered the responsible parties to design a roadmap for this purpose.

The University owns 13 such stations used for internships and practice sessions in biomedicine, geology, environmental science, physics, and archeology. They all will be inspected and should also be renovated after that.


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