Regular expedition to Leningrad Oblast organized by Snow Squad – Kazan Federal University


A search and recovery team was at one of the Great Patriotic War battlegrounds from 10 to 24 September.

During this trip, the squadmates discovered 11 locations of unburied remains of soldiers. Apart from that, two personal medallions were found on site. However, they didn’t contain any information – which was supposed to be the main purpose of such medallions.

However, according to squad leader Airat Fatykhov, the expedition as a whole yielded good results. This year, the squad had some trouble with water supply, as a nearby river had almost dried out, so a supply truck was called up.

Fatykhov adds that the squadmates also had to put down a fire on the very first day – someone hadn’t taken care of a campfire properly in the forest. Local peat started to smolder, but the Kazanites promptly dug a perimeter trench and stopped the fire.


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