Russian people and culture are really close to us, say Summer University graduates from Slovakia – Kazan Federal University


Participants of KFU’s inaugural Summer University season (which took place on 10 to 23 July) continue sharing their impressions.

Milan Mosad and Milana Mosadova, a married couple from Slovakia, came to Kazan with their children to get acquainted with local history and culture.

Mr Mosad comments, “We are grateful to the KFU administration for the opportunity to study at the summer school of Russian language. The student group was small, and our teacher Airat Ibatullin paid maximum attention to each of us. There were days when we sat in the classroom, learning Russian grammar and new vocabulary, having conversations about Russia and Slovakia. But there were also many days when the teacher took us on a tour of interesting places in Kazan. This was completely unexpected and surprising for us.

“We visited the Town-Island of Sviyazhsk, the Temple of All Religions, visited mosques, Orthodox temples, parks, subways, the Kazanka and Volga embankment, the library, visited Lake Kaban, rode a Ferris wheel. In addition, we went to various cultural events – the Itil festival, a circus performance, and a performance by the Kazan Chamber Orchestra. We tasted various Russian and Tatar dishes and treats. What surprised us most of all was how clean, developed and safe Kazan is. The farewell party with tea and Tatar and Slovak goodies was unforgettable. We had no doubt that the people and culture of Russia are very close to us.”

Ahmadrez Tajiki, an Iranian national, was already enrolled in KFU’s three-semester Preparatory School program when he chose to join Summer University, “In summer there is a lot of free time that you don’t want to waste. Even at the first lesson I realized that I would not regret my decision to attend summer school. It was exactly what I needed. In the classes we not only studied Russian grammar, but also practiced speaking Russian. We talked about history, politics, and discussed the news. All this was very useful for those who could not speak well or were afraid to speak Russian.”

Ahmadrez was glad to find out the deep history of the buildings that he had been passing by for months before he enrolled in the Summer University.


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