Russian-Tajik Slavonic University to borrow KFU’s experience to draw up development program – Kazan Federal University


A RTSU delegation is visiting Kazan.

The team comprises Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Marina Rusakova and Lead Specialist of the Department of Science and Innovation Sharofat Rakhimova.

As usual, the guests toured the Main Building’s History Museum, Emperor Ballroom, and Lenin Memorial Classroom.

A meeting then followed with Vice-Rector for International Affairs Timirkhan Alishev, Director of the Center for Work with Gifted Schoolchildren Dilyara Muravyova, and Head of the Department of Innovative Development Anton Dyganov. Earlier, the delegates also spoke with Director of the Department of Youth Policy Yulia Vinogradova.

“There is a whole network of Slavonic universities working in the CIS countries. They work on the basis of intergovernmental agreements between Russia, on one side, and Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, and Tajikistan, on the other side. One of the tasks set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation is to support and develop these universities. Currently, additional funding is being allocated for them to improve their material and technical infrastructure, attract the best specialists, and develop best practices. In order for them to learn about these best practices, how we work with talented children and students, being a leading university of the Russian Federation, the Ministry has asked us to receive distinguished guests, to conduct training, to familiarize them with our work and key priority areas,” noted Vice-Rector Alishev in his comment to

KFU is now set to help RTSU in drafting a development roadmap.

Marina Rusakova noted that their university works with talented young people in all areas: educational, scientific, creative, and athletics. RTSU is the only joint Russian-Tajikistani higher educational institution having an official state status in both countries.

“We would like to open a center for work with talented youth. In this regard, we came to get acquainted with your center: how it is arranged and how to organize its work. In addition, we would like to learn about the work related to project activities of students. We would like our students to be able to actively participate in these areas at Kazan Federal University. We visited the Museum of History of Kazan University, and I think that in time we will also create such a museum in our university,” added Vice-Rector Rusakova.

Dilyara Muravyova presented KFU’s Kids’ University initiative and the University’s in-house national subject contests for schoolchildren – the latter give an opportunity to score additional points for enrolment.

Anton Dyganov presented the ecosystem of development of student technological entrepreneurship and project work at Kazan University, including the federal project University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform.

During the visit, the guests are also touring the Institute of Chemistry and the IT Lyceum.


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