St Petersburg University in collaboration with the Alexandrinsky Theatre launches an academic programme for performing arts managers


In today’s world, competent management in the creative sphere is crucial for the development of art in its broadest sense. The success and popularity of a cultural institution depend not only on its repertoire and cast, but also on the top manager and management team responsible for organising processes and promoting the institution.

The new programme of the University aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of managers in various performing arts fields, including theatre, cinema, dance groups, independent creative projects, and other organisations. The programme utilises software and project-based approaches to personnel management and focuses on developing effective business communication in the context of rapid digitalisation.

The field of performing arts combines creativity with strategic planning, making it essential for modern management processes to be implemented in performing arts organisations. This non-degree programme of St Petersburg University is designed to address this need.

Anastasia Yarmosh, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Partnership at St Petersburg University

During the training, students will acquire skills in developing strategies, goal setting, and establishing effective business processes within organisations. They will also learn how to efficiently manage employees of cultural institutions, identify areas for company growth, and implement information technology in the management process. The programme places special emphasis on project work and fostering a supportive environment within the creative team.

Additionally, the programme covers topics such as cultural policy and social responsibility in the performing arts, funding sources for cultural organisations, effective communication with businesses for fundraising strategies, and conducting business negotiations, among others.

Participants in the programme will have the opportunity to not only learn the theory of management but also consolidate their knowledge through engaging in practical, dialogue-driven classes with experts from the Alexandrinsky Theatre.


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