St Petersburg University launches a business accelerator for aspiring entrepreneurs


The Accelerator programme seeks to provide guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs who prepare to submit their innovative projects for the SPbU Start-up contest and to complete all the necessary paperwork before applying for grants from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises. Additionally, the high-performance start-up teams who have the potential to set up a small innovative enterprise with the participation of St Petersburg University will be able to receive support from the University upon completion of the programme.

The Accelerator programme and the University’s Business Incubator will help to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem at St Petersburg University.

The competition for the university accelerator programmes was held within the framework of the federal project ‘University Technological Entrepreneurship Platform’ supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Not only the start-up teams who are already working towards developing a minimum viable product can apply for participation in the accelerator programme, but also those who are still at the idea stage or who are assembling a team of like-minded people.

Registration is open from 23 August 2023 to 10 September 2023.

The core thematic areas of start-up projects include: environmental management; information and telecommunication systems; artificial intelligence; distributed ledger technologies; biomedicine and veterinary medicine; and exploration, mining, and mineral processing technologies.

The Accelerator programme offers immersive face-to-face events featuring group classes and workshops. The start-up teams will receive mentoring support through: consultations with their mentors on challenging issues; master-classes; seminars; lectures; and workshops. During the programme, St Petersburg University experts and invited specialists will share their experience and expertise in project promotion and business valuation. The budding entrepreneurs will be taught how to use hypothesis testing tools in market research and how to refine and change the business model. They will also learn the legal foundations of business.

To participate in the accelerator programme, you must register online and submit an application.



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