St Petersburg University launches a website to help first-year students


The portal has everything that a first-year student needs. You can learn more about the University there and find answers to all your questions. The website explains: how you can be issued a contactless smart card for travelling on public transport; how long it will take you to get to the place of study; and how you can connect to free Wi-Fi networks at St Petersburg University and sign up for online courses. Our student guide will enable you to: find all the buildings of St Petersburg University, University halls of residence, canteens, eco-points and bookstores on the maps; proceed to the schedule of your classes; and read about the types of assistance available to University students.

The sections devoted to studies, science and student life contain all the necessary links to other pages of the St Petersburg University portal and useful materials. There, first-years will find: step-by-step instructions on how to access their personal account and student e-mail; and phone numbers of consulting and emergency services. They will also learn how to quickly apply for repairs services at their hall of residence or be issued a certificate confirming their student status.

The website is available in three languages — Russian, English and Chinese. International students will learn how to: be issued an invitation for entry into the Russian Federation; obtain migration registration; and take part in student exchange programmes.

In addition, all first-years will be able to get acquainted with the University life they will become part of in just a few days. The guide will also inform them on how to: take a virtual tour to explore the University museums; be enrolled in a creative class or a student team; or become a volunteer. Sports lovers will find information about sports sections, competitions and national teams, whereas future researchers will learn about what scientific Olympiads and student competitions they can participate in during their studies.

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