St Petersburg University launches an online course “Consumer Behaviour”



This new online course from St Petersburg University is designed to provide information on: how consumers make decisions during their purchases; the thought processes and emotional reactions that accompany these decisions; and how understanding these actions can assist businesses in offering the right goods and services that will be in demand.

By completing ten modules of this course, students will develop skills in analysing consumer behaviour using modern tools, approaches, and research methods. Additionally, they will become familiar with management practices used by modern companies.

To sign up for the online course “Consumer Behaviour”, please follow the link.

This programme covers both fundamental concepts of consumer behaviour and an analysis of specific practices for managing the consumer experience. The applied aspects of the course include the examination of current real company practices and the results of research projects conducted by the authors of the course on various aspects of consumer behaviour in the Russian market.

The course was developed by the lecturers of St Petersburg University, using up-to-date methodological materials and the findings of consumer behaviour research conducted over the past decade by the Centre for Strategic Marketing and Innovations of the Graduate School of Management.


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