St Petersburg University launches the online course ‘Legal Regulation of Financial Investments and Services’



In order to successfully invest, make deposits and use insurance products, you need to know your rights in this area. A new online course from St Petersburg University will help you learn to make informed financial decisions instead of relying only on intuition.

The online course ‘Legal Regulation of Financial Investments and Services’ will inform you about the intricacies of investing, important nuances of interaction with banks and other financial institutions; and help you learn how to avoid unjustified expenses when making deposits, investments and insurance. Students will learn the fundamentals of government regulation and self-regulation in the financial market. They will also study the regulation of activities related to the raising and use of funds of legal entities and individuals.

The course programme consists of six modules. During the course, students will learn how to protect their rights in the financial sector and identify the main risks in areas related to investment and insurance. During the training, students will master the skills of interpretation and application of the legal norms regulating the relevant relations by analysing: legislation; court and arbitration practice; banking practice; and doctrinal provisions in specific practical situations.

No special knowledge is required to successfully master the online course. Students of any field of study and university graduates are welcome to take it. The course may be of particular interest to beginners: lawyers, economists, and managers who want to understand the legal regulation of entrepreneurial activity from a professional point of view.

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