Student poll reveals reasons to choose KFU – Kazan Federal University


Head of the Monitoring and Student Poll Commission of Kazan University Maria Yeflova shares the results of latest student polls.

According to Professor Yeflova, regular annual polls cover 6 to 8 thousand students.

Among the three main reasons to have chosen KFU the students have listed available majors, institutional prestige, and the image Kazan. Many young people think of our city as a beautiful and safe place.

Among the interviewees’ favorite pastimes are creative activities (40 percent) and athletics (30 percent).

The three most important life values are affluence (91 percent), health (90 percent), and interesting job (89 percent).

Furthermore, KFU has also been part of a nationwide student poll on youth civic culture and life strategies overseen by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

As it happens, the ideas most listed by students as best suited for national unity are rule of law and legal equality (36 percent), revival of Russia’s great power status (32 percent), and social justice and welfare (32 percent).

The University was also commissioned to conduct a digital literacy research among the young people of Russia. The poll showed that 97 percent of respondents think of their digital skills as advanced. The respondents use the web mostly for socializing (76 percent), news and entertainment (63 percent), and education (61 percent).

Among the most popular digital services are online shops (88.5 percent), video conferencing (76.6 percent), cloud storage (74.9 percent), and takeout delivery (73.3 percent).


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