Vice-Rector for International Affairs present at meeting with President of Senegal Macky Sall – Kazan Federal University


Rais (Governor) of Tatarstan welcomed the leader of Senegal at the Kazan Kremlin on 26 July.

During the meeting, the Rais mentioned many opportunities for Tatarstani-Senegalese cooperation in education, culture, tourism, sports, and other spheres. He emphasized Tatarstan’s role as a center of advanced scientific research and a hub for international students – of which there are currently over 20 thousand in the province.

However, there are only 9 Senegalese students enrolled in local universities. Vice-Rector Timirkhan Alishev comments, “We hope to intensify cooperation in education with Senegal. Kazan University is also interested in expanding cooperation with other African countries, in training more students. Now we have about 350 students from Africa, mostly from Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, and KFU has good relations with these countries. Among Russian universities, KFU ranks third among Africans in terms of attractiveness in education and admission quotas.”

Dr Alishev mentioned KFU’s new branch in Cairo set to be opened together with local partner, Modern Group. He also invited Senegalese young scientists to visit the upcoming Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Youth Scientific Congress in November 2023.

The Vice-Rector also reminded of the Senegalese dignitaries who have visited the University – Ambassador to Russia Jean-Baptiste Thiathie Tine in November 2022 and Deputy Minister of Youth, Employment and Citizen Building Mamadou Diop in May 2023.

The President arrived to Russia to join the 2023 Russia – Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum.


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