Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (Moscow, Russia)
Average tuition fee starts
from 5 500$ per year


The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is the most multinational Russian university, in which students from 158 countries study. The university has a system of contests and scholarships for foreign applicants, world cultures festivals are regularly held, and the Student’s Code of Honor declaring equality and tolerance is also accepted. The multidisciplinary university has more than 300 training programs in technical, medical, economic, and arts specializations. RUDN University is considered one of the best universities in the world in terms of the quality of teaching Russian as a foreign language. The University is part of the project 5-100 which is aimed at improving the competitiveness of domestic universities in international ratings.
Avaliable Programs
Any program upon your request
General Medicine
Power Engineering
Computer Science

Preparatory Course (russian language)

Average tuition fee starts from 3 000$ per year

If you are planning to receive a high-quality higher education in Russia, but do not speak Russian or do not speak Russian sufficient enough, we suggest that you take a course at the Faculty of Russian Language and General Educational Disciplines. The faculty is part of the university environment and combines innovative teaching technologies with the traditions and mission of the University.

Why RUDN University ?

The RUDN University campus is situated in southwestern Moscow in one of the beautiful and ecologically clean places of the city. The most “green” Russian university (according to the UIGreenMetric World University Ranking) is located nearby the parkland covered 50 hectares.


The residence consists of blocks of two comfortable double or triple rooms with a bathroom and a toilet. There is a separate kitchen on every floor.
Students living in the residence are provided with the necessary furniture 

Student Life

Student life at the University is diverse and full of events. In addition to classes, open academic and research seminars, conferences and lectures by renowned scholars.

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