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Our team provides the legal knowledge and experience that he may need, which saves effort and time, and avoids the student making common mistakes.

We provide professional translation services for various languages and documents. We use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve high quality in the services we provide.

We provide professional translation services for various languages and documents. We use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve high quality in the services we provide.

We offer consultations on education in Russia, as well as fair, honest, individual and affordable prices for service support within the framework of the education received.

This service includes the student’s official registration at the university, and then, based on that, an invitation is issued from the Russian Immigration Department in his name. 

We offer you an airport reception service that aims to provide a unique service for visiting students. We are ready to receive you at the airport or at the train station, and accompany you to the destination you want to go to upon arrival.

A one-time medical procedure that the student must take before being officially accepted into the university dormitory, for safety purposes and to prevent the spread of infection

Our team provides help on procedure to take if students wants to obtain temporary residence on Russian Federation, also we provides an introductory program to the city and General facilities places in the city


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We assist our students by helping them to find an accommodation in our dorms or university hostels. All located in a suitable distance from the University Campus, fully furnished, equipped by WiFi. The residence consists of blocks of two comfortable double or triple rooms with a bathroom and a toilet. There is a separate kitchen on every floor. Students living in the residence are provided with the necessary furniture , as well as linen.
Virtual Fairs
Simatex Virtual Educational Fairs dedicated to Russian Higher Education and Leading Russian Universities. The online event is held on easy-to-use platform, where you can find information about degree programs and Chat live with representatives of universities. There are programs for students and graduates that allow them to gain practical experience by interacting with industry enterprises during their studies, to form a clear, objective vision of their future speciality.

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Students testimonials

"Ever since the first day I arrived in Moscow in 2018, it was your reputable company that helped me to select the excellent university, and to fulfill my dream, and supported all it's precious students with full responsibility during our education journey . I am especially grateful to all of you; SIMATEX Compassionate employees who are always be there for us. You are definitely the sole and fantastic company in Russia"
Elmira Asadi (Iran)
Graduate of Sechenov University (Dentistry)
"Living abroad has it's own responsibilities and liability. If it is accompanied with quality studying, of course the responsibilities are immense. Nonetheless with Simatex’s faithful support, numerous circumstances were effectively resolved for me. Cordial thanks to Simatex 🤍"
Hosna Pourhosseingholi (Iran)
Graduate of Sechenov University (Dentistry)
"With great pleasure and pride that I write this letter of thanks. It’s been a very pleasant journey in Moscow where I did residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I had pleasure of working with Russia’s finest Consultants, who acted as mentors in my learning process, Language was never a barrier for me. Since hospital was well equipped with latest technologies and updated guidelines, I gained immense experience because of which I received GMC registration in UK and step forward to take my career graph upwards to greater heights. Dean’s office for international students and Simatex company were very generous and so helpful, getting the relevant documents!"
Dr. Swati Jaiswal (UK)
Graduate of Sechenov University
"I studied in MMA from 2001-2007, in English medium. I was a holder of the Red diploma. I am very pleased to be a part of the MMA, a medical school that gave me not just one of the best medical education, but a lot more in terms of learning a new language, meeting a whole new culture, beautiful Moscow. Special thanks to Simatex to being with me from day one, at the moment I passed my USMLE steps 1,2 and 3, and finished residency in St. John hospital, Michigan, USA"
Dr. Sneha Raj (Stockton, California)
Graduate of Sechenov University (Pediatrics)
"I study in VSMU for 5 years already and I am proud to be a part of the University. I want to thank Simatex Company which assists us on each stage of our training."
Akr Ayman (Egypt)
Graduate of Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University (General Medicine)
"I love my University a lot. I love Simatex company which manages continuously"
Dr. Zeina
Graduate of Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University
"I appreciate Voronezh Medical University and Simatex Company for opportunity to study in such a high level medical school and for the permanent support of the Simatex Company"
Mane Malam (Portugal)
Graduate of Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University (General Medicine)