Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Average tuition fee starts
from 3 000$ per year



The university is situated in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! The second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is rightfully called the cultural capital of Russia. Polytechnic University retains and strengthens this tradition which has become one of the essential features of our University. More than 8500 foreign students study at our university and this number keeps growing every year. University’s position as a world-class University is confirmed by world rankings: 11th among the top 100 Russia’s universities , 43rd THE Best universities in Europe, 5 stars in international QS ranking for online learning. SPbPU has always been among the leaders of higher education in Russia. For the recent years we take the TOP-3 position among Russian technical universities by number of international students.

Avaliable programs
Any program upon your request
Mathematics and Mechanics
Computer and IT Sciences
Physics and Astronomy
Electronics and Communication systems
Electrical and Heat power egineering
Nuclear power and technology
Mechanical engineering
Physical and engineering sciences and technology

Preparatory Course (russian language)

Average tuition fee starts from 2 400$ – 2 700$ per year

If you are planning to receive a high-quality higher education in Russia, but do not speak Russian or do not speak Russian sufficient enough, we suggest that you take a course at the Faculty of Russian Language and General Educational Disciplines. The faculty is part of the university environment and combines innovative teaching technologies with the traditions and mission of the University.

Why POLYTECH University?

The university campus is located in St. Petersburg. There is a library on the grounds of the university. There are collected scientific works of graduates and teachers of the university, as well as fiction. The infrastructure of the university includes various opportunities for playing sports: from different spaces to clubs.


The residence consists of blocks of two comfortable double or triple rooms with a bathroom and a toilet. There is a separate kitchen on every floor. Students living in the residence are provided with the necessary furniture (a bed, a wardrobe, a bedside a table, a study table and a chair), as well as linen.

Students life

Student life at the University is diverse and full of events. In addition to classes, open academic and research seminars, conferences and lectures by renowned scholars.

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